Our roots are in business
that's how we know what you need
We help your business grow
FIRM in principles, flexible in strategy
Innovative Business Consulting
A fresh approach to legal consultancy

Law firm in Bolzano for tailor-made solutions.

Business partner with innovative vision and international vocation.

LegalLAB® represents an innovative reality in the world of legal assistance and consulting, in which the human component of the craftsmanship typical of a "laboratory" is combined with specific sectorial expertise in the performance of legal activities relating to different areas of competence and business sectors. Founded in 2016 in Bolzano by Loredana Romolo and Eduardo Guarente, the Firm is set in a traditional legal landscape, and stands out for the strong international vocation of the team of professionals, who work with dedication and professionalism as business partners of Italian and foreign companies.

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Legal assistance for companies: LegalLAB®

Efficiency, quality and professionalism

The professionals of our firm have extensive experience in various areas of law, such as corporate governance and compliance, privacy and data protection, cyber security, corporate law and M&A, real estate law, new technology law , intellectual property, litigation and arbitration, national and international contracts, labour law applied to various business sectors. The firm operates in sectoral areas with a focus on legal issues relating to business processes, management and compliance, providing legal assistance and advice mainly to companies with excellent products in the provinces of Trento and Bolzano that have been promoting their activities in Italy and abroad for some time or have a strong intention to do so. Legal services are provided in close cooperation between the Firm's professionals and partners, adopting a pragmatic, versatile and multidisciplinary approach in order to achieve customised and quality results that meet the specific needs and expectations of the Client.

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Our skills, your strengths

Pragmatism, innovation and flexibility are the three values that distinguish LegalLAB®'s work, and which, in combination with the firm's in-depth knowledge of business dynamics, allow the firm to provide personalised services, designed to maximise profits and increase the potential of the Client. LegalLAB® has created a well-established network of relationships with partners from independent law firms, both in Italy and abroad, ensuring specialist and multidisciplinary advice. The firm also boasts a stable collaboration with FERRANTE LAW FIRM in New York, with which it offers assistance to Italian and European companies aiming to expand their business in the US and Asian markets.

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Innovation, flexibility and pragmatism are our style
Direct experience in the company is our background
Internationality allows us to see beyond and be innovative
We offer new legal perspectives with our advice
We respond to your needs without neglecting the sustainability of costs

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