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LegalLAB®: data protection compliance

Expertise also in new technologies

Over the years, the professionals of our law firm in Bolzano have successfully assisted companies in Data Protection compliance processes, gaining the conviction that it is necessary to guarantee Clients an adequate protection of all company assets, including "data". For this reason, LegalLAB® professionals are constantly engaged in sensitizing entrepreneurs and company administrators to acquire a greater awareness and consideration of the importance of protecting IT data from possible damaging events and malicious attacks, which may result in economic, image and reputation damage.  

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Data protection by design

Your cyber specialist

Since 2021 LegalLAB® has been supported by a trustworthy team of bilingual professionals, experts in the field of cyber security (Cyber specialists), able to support the Firm's Clients in the processes of assessing the degree of security of companies' IT infrastructures. LegalLAB® offers integrated and multidisciplinary services in order to allow its Clients to verify the integrity and security of IT systems through specific technical and IT analyses.

The methodology for conducting the Cybersecurity Gap Analysis (also) with a view to compliance with Article 32 of EU Regulation 2016/679 proceeds from the definition of the corporate perimeter and is developed through the verification of controls on the presence of technical and organisational security measures and contextual security risk assessment.

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Cyber security: specific activities

Our law firm in Bolzano provides specialised assistance and consultancy in the field of cyber security, specifically providing the following services:

  • Cyber Security Audit
  • (Cybersecurity) Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Vulnerability Risk Assessment
  • Hardening of applications, software and platforms
  • Pentest
  • Remediation
  • Security Audit of web platforms, applications, blockchain, smart contract
  • Creation of ad-hoc applications for management and automation in the cybersecurity area
  • Provision of proprietary IDS-IPS solution and End-Point Protection based on in-house Artificial Intelligence models
  • Realization of agents with anti-Ransomware functions
  • Secure Design validation
  • (Cyber) Security Requirements Engineering
  • Setup of protection policies on domains
  • Setup of encryption levels and e-mail authentication
  • VPN deployment for remote or site-to-site access on native clients (app-less)
  • Cyber Forensics Investigations in case of data breach and data leakage
  • Digital Forensics
  • Implementation of advanced cryptography systems
  • Specialized cybersecurity training

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