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Corporate law firm

LegalLAB®'s professionals have gained a solid experience as a corporate law firm with particular reference to issues related to anti-corruption legislation and administrative liability of companies and entities pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001. As a law firm in Bolzano specialising in corporate law, we assist and support corporations, including those with public shareholdings, in assessing and defining optimal and functional governance structures for the prevention of risks related to corporate management, in improving the legal, institutional and regulatory framework for the development of good corporate governance. Our expertise in corporate law is supported by a solid know-how and consulting and assistance service in data consulting in Bolzano.

In a complex business system, numerous processes contribute significantly to the realisation of services, so it is essential to have a complete and detailed knowledge of them and to establish rules for monitoring and adapting them to changing conditions, both of external and internal origin. The introduction of management by processes suggests looking "through" the company functions and identifying among the main processes those to be considered critical, according to the company's strategic objectives, the costs that must be borne for them and the added value they are able to create with the transformations that take place within them. The complexity of processes means that their governance is closely linked to an adequate management of information, whether it comes from the external environment, which is highly dynamic and discontinuous, or from the internal situation, linked to the extreme variety and variability of activities and behaviour.

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Corporate law firm

Lawyers with expertise in corporate law: our approach

The corporate law professionals of our law firm work with a pragmatic approach because they have an in-depth knowledge of company dynamics, processes and needs. As business partners, we offer simple and immediate solutions, avoiding lengthy and complex procedures, supporting Clients in creating a 'customised' system of essential rules, concretely applicable in the company and easy to understand. This system has enabled companies to maximise the effectiveness of their processes and minimise complications for the operational lines.

In order to facilitate communication with companies' internal resources, the professionals of our corporate law team are native speakers of Italian and German, as well as fluent in English. The approach adopted aims to combine the application needs of the discipline with the objectives and organisational structure of the Client in the corporate, commercial and labour law sectors.

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Lawyers with expertise in corporate law :specific activities

Our corporate law firm deals with the following activities related to corporate governance and compliance:

  • assistance and drafting of opinions to Boards of Directors and supervisory bodies;
  • review and assessment of the level of corporate compliance;
  • planning and sharing of compliance project activities;
  • consultancy in the due diligence & gap analysis phase;
  • assistance in the remediation plan phase;
  • preparation of the documentation required for corporate compliance;
  • drafting, supplementing or revising Models 231;
  • drafting, supplementing or revising guidelines, procedures and operating instructions;
  • drawing up plans for information flows to/from the Supervisory Board 231;
  • management of internal and third-party audit processes;
  • consulting for the processing of information related to business processes;
  • advising on the implementation of a whistleblowing system;
  • advice and assistance for the implementation or updating of management systems (quality, health and safety at work, environment, food, anti-corruption, etc.)
  • advice on inspections and investigations by supervisory authorities;
  • advising and assisting in audit or forensic investigation activities;
  • participation in Supervisory Bodies set up pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001;
  • training services for senior persons and their subordinates.