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Strategic partnerships in Italy and abroad

Over the years, LegalLAB® has established itself for the professionalism and multidisciplinary nature of its specialist consultancy services, working in synergy with partners from independent law firms, both Italian and foreign. The consolidated network of relationships with partners is the result of targeted actions and strategic choices, which have enabled the law firm to enter into two decisive partnerships. The recent collaboration signed in 2021 with LABLAW Studio Legale Rotondi & Partners in Milan has contributed to the creation of a real pole of corporate legal consultancy with specific competences in the field of corporate law, privacy and data protection compliance and corporate governance, tech law, information technology, cybersecurity, also labour law, both at national and international level. 

LegalLAB® boasts a stable collaboration with FERRANTE LAW FIRM in New York, with whom it has a profitable cooperation relationship in advising both foreign companies interested in the Italian market and Italian and European companies wishing to expand their business in the American and Asian markets.

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Legal consulting with international partnerships
Legal consulting with international partnerships

Legal rules are rules that tend in the end to be imposed even by force. The ethical rule has other paths. It refuses, by its very nature, from this possibility.

- Stefano Rodotà -