Successful career with solid future prospects

The Firm carefully selects the professionals to be included in its team and aims to enhance the strengths of each of them, encouraging the growth and strengthening of professional skills through training and refresher courses. Candidates interested in undertaking a working path in an innovative and stimulating working context, can send their application accompanied by the relevant documentation by filling in the form, or alternatively, send us a spontaneous application by e-mail to

"Work-life balance" is a broad term that refers to the ability to balance work (in the sense of career and professional ambition) and private life (family, free time, entertainment, fun).
In recent years, workplaces have changed as a result of technological development and the need for "agile working". Thanks to IT tools (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.), the whole team can do their work outside the traditional workplace.
LegalLAB® has taken specific initiatives to promote the quality of life of its employees. professionals and their employees (smart working and remote working, flexible working hours and facilities for employees), with positive results, both in terms of increasing productivity and in terms of productivity and team satisfaction.

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